Chili Burger

Chili Burger


1          chopped red onion

1/4       cup oil

1          tsp black pepper

1          spring onion

2-3       green chilies

1          tsp salt

Fresh coriander

1          bread slice

4          Tsp milk

1/2       kg chicken

1/2       tsp black pepper

4          buns


4          salad leaves

1/4       cup flour

3          eggs

1/4       cup bread crumbs



Fry chopped onion in oil and add black pepper.

Mix spring onion, green chilies, salt and fresh coriander.

Dip a bread slice in milk and add in a boneless minced chicken.

Add salt and black pepper and make cutlets.

French coating

Dip the chicken cutlet in :





Bread crumbs

And fry the chicken cutlet on both sides till golden brown.

Heat the buns in oil and spread the mayonnaise on top.

Place salad leaves and put a chicken cutlet.

Sprinkle the black pepper.

Serve with a tomato ketchup and chili sauce.