About Us


Hey there! I’m huma.
Welcome to cooking with huma!

I am the brains behind this blog. This my online version of various hand written ( and messy) recipes I have collected over the last 8 years. My hope is to reach millions of people with my simple and healthy international recipes.

I live in UAE with my husband and two wonderful kids. My favorite things to eat are anything that are healthy and easy to make fast. On this blog I will share original, flavorful and healthy (ok not all the time) recipes, that I love to make and actually make at home for my family.

If you used one of my recipes, I would love for you to share the experience with me. You can tag me on instagram at @cookingwithhuma on your feed or stories. I will try my best to give you a shoutout!

Be prepared to eat healthy foods for days, weeks or months even!
Here are ideas on how to make healthy foods for your family and friends. Its about planning and making delicious and easy-to-cook meals under any circumstances.

Making food for fussy eaters
One of the things that I have dealt with over the last 6 years is dealing with fussy young eaters. You will find plenty of recepies and tips to help you manage your family’s healthy eating habits.

Quick ( not dirty!) food recipes
Quick and fast food prep for when you have less than 15 minutes to slap together a home prepared healthy snack ( or even when you need to get something ready for a couple of guests on short notice)

Traditional and International recipes
Intricate and in depth recipes on some of the dishes you may have enojoyed growing up.

Michelin star recipes
These are chef grade high end recipes that require some prep time ( not always) , great ingredients and a great presentation!