Dal Mash

Dal Mash

Dal Mash 


      cup Dal

1/4   cup oil

1        onion (chopped)

1        tsp ginger paste

1        tsp garlic paste

1        tsp red chilies

1 ½   cups boiled water

1         tsp cumin seeds

2-3    cloves

5-6    black pepper

1        tsp methi leaves

1/2    bunch fresh coriander


Salt to taste



Soak dal mash overnight or for two hours at least before cooking.

In a pan add oil and make it hot.

Add chopped onions in oil n cook them till they become soggy.

Add ginger and garlic paste and cook it for a while (about 1 minute).

Add red chilies powder and cook.

Now add 1 ½ cups of boiling water in the mixture and add dal.

When dal gets cooked, add cumin seeds, black pepper and cloves.

Now add methi and coriander in the end.

Serve this dal with flat bread or nan.